‘bio notes 1'

'first bio notes'

I don't know how to go about this and don't think I should be writing my own biographical notes, so will be brief and divide material between two websites, with an earlier version and a later one. There are two very short statements, in keeping with short website texts.


I was born in Jersey (6.12.48), then went Goldsmiths College, School of Art (1967-71) and spent four years in what was then the painting school. Early work was influenced by emerging conceptual art, a r t e  p o v e r a and a politics post May 68. This was a period at odds with art education and the art world and Chris Kraus later referred options after art school, as firms of social practice.

I lived in Hackney during the late 1970s and 80s and there wasn't access to technologies that now complement contemporary practices. Paid work eventually led to work in some clinical areas at the start of the second period of these biographical notes.

I had something to do... but felt ill at ease with a pompous art world, following an extraordinary shift in politics. Video and computer technology eventually provided new platforms for less marketable work. 

A divide between marketable and less marketable work currently divides contemporary practice 

In the second part of this bio. (see other website), psychoanalysis gradually became more important and I started showing work. At the end of the second bio notes, there’s a footnote to both.

Christopher Sands, Samlis, still 2016    

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