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 (texts below are taken from the video index in Talking house(s))


 for video

 For a few days I made notes and editing got worse. The title of a fourth video is a problem or video is since taking time out with an unwritable text.  Writing amounts to living in a dreamworld and now the same thing is happening with video. I make notes for a voice-over that can be part of a film, but it’s wishful thinking. I don’t know how far into an archive I can go. I remember my father making notes when he was ill and being critical of his work. I’m rushing and video is also an open text... I’m updating an open text.

Christopher Sands, digital still, 2020

  more hole than window  

 All along I said I couldn’t write but had to write eventually and something else precedes video. I can make something up and the disconnect moment in the text follows dreaming. Wandering about or wandering off follows a dream that’s not described.  I’m buried alive and getting out involves not having something to do. Dreaming doesn’t work and work doesn’t work and there’s way out of the pain of a waking dream. I couldn’t go back to bed and couldn’t go out... and daylight is the nightlight of future video.  In a recent passage, video doesn’t have a place. There is no public and video can’t be seen and it’s more hole than window. 

Christopher Sands, digital still, 2015

Christopher Sands, digital still, Ruth, 20 November 2011

Christopher Sands, still, 2016

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