’time out'

I got up after dreaming one night and tried to do a little work. I turned on my computer but couldn’t see what I was looking at and later referred to a disconnect. Let's say, the disconnect had to do with a dream, but I'd nowhere to go and nothing to do and didn't know what to do next.

I mention this moment in a previous draft and say a little more about it, but there are many sides to this one off moment.

Looking at pictures was always an option (I thought) and it's what I often did as a young art student in the library at Goldsmiths College... and pictures possibly provide a little access here. It's a long read and small parts have to do with other small parts. It's an invitation of sorts and access is important.

I couldn't put taking time out into words some time ago, but it was a first premise. This text is possibly this and possibly that, but making a case began with anxious moments. It has something to do with first assertions and taking time out is now something else. (excerpt from talking house(s))

(taken from talking house(s))

Christopher Sands, still, 2013

© Christopher Sands 2017