‘ending, beginning'

Christopher Sands, digital still, 2013

Putting language to one side, there are moments when the work of art (which is always a pompous phrase) begins with reading and a text and seems just a commentary and it gets worse, which it often does, with a push towards proposals.

I should have said propositions, but the work begins with reading and a text or something third hand. It begins with propositions and there isn't one... or there shouldn't be one at the end of a much mentioned text. 

I began, quite recently, with a beginning at the end. 

And now I'm back with a talking house and out of date food in the kitchen... and more than a year spent working on an unreadable text. It was less than a proposition or I’m less than a proposition and new work falls shy of projects and propositions.

A beginning is always a beginning and a proposition that’s not a proposition is on the cards. Let’s say, I’m taking a position and the position is already a position. I start at the beginning and pause with talking house(s).

© Christopher Sands 2017